Table 1

Clinical and haemodynamic data

PatientAge (years)NYHA classRhythmValve proceduresEes (mm Hg/ml)Eps (mm Hg/ml)Ea (mm Hg/ml)Ea/Ees
266IVAFMR, CS0.380.680.2251.0210.911.122.431.64
346IVNSRMR, CS0.240.560.210.4211.700.767.001.35
547IVNSRTA, MVR0.201.880.8072.9390.580.732.880.39
656IVNSRTA, MR, CS0.722.431.263.1382.180.783.020.32
750IIINSRMR, CS0.481.790.5361.8791.400.912.910.51
862IVAFTA, MR, CS0.400.890.410.7210.931.622.341.82
956IVAFTA, MR, CS1.031.501.1411.7821.381.851.341.24
1058IIIAFTA, MVR0.841.860.4041.8881.461.241.720.67
1141IVNSRTA, MVR0.241.690.1951.7711.942.217.961.31
Mean530.52 1.47§ 0.58 1.731-150 § 1.341.243.25 1.011-150 1-152
Mean (SD)52 (7)3.27 (2.29)4.04 (2.65)1.16 (0.37)0.52 (0.32)
  • 1-150 p ⩽ 0.05, p ⩽ 0.01 versus control;

  • 1-152 p ⩽ 0.05, §p ⩽ 0.001 versus pre. AF, atrial fibrillation; CS, coaptation stitch across the mitral valve; Ea, arterial elastance (mm Hg/ml); Ea/Ees, ventriculoarterial coupling; Ees, first end systolic elastance estimate; Eps, second end systolic elastance estimate; MR, mitral valve repair; MVR, mitral valve replacement; NSR, normal sinus rhythm; NYHA, New York Heart Association; TA, tricuspid annnuloplasty.