Table 6

Multivariate predictors of complications

Predictor Odds ratio 95% CI p Value Risk points 6-150
Acute (temporary) closure9.74.4 to 21.40.00014
Side branch occlusion8.93.4 to 23.70.00014
No angiographic success5.12.4 to 11.00.00023
Female sex3.11.7 to 5.70.00012
Any unplanned stent2.81.4 to 5.90.0192
Ostial lesion2.21.0 to 4.70.0342
  • 6-150 Risk points for a simplified risk function; the weights are assigned in proportion to the logarithm of the corresponding odds ratio from the multivariate analysis. The patients' total risk score is calculated as the sum of the risk points of all properties that apply.

  • CI, confidence interval.