Table 4

Final model selected by multivariate Cox proportional hazards modelling as simplest description of cardiovascular mortality of the cohort of patients

Variable Units/coding Hazard ratio 95% CI χ2(LRT) p Value
Age10 years1.261.01 to 1.57 4.310.04
Crackles0=none2.131.50 to 3.0220.5<0.001
2=more than basal
SBP10 mm Hg0.880.83 to 0.9417. 7<0.001
Creatinineμmol (log)4-150 2.641.87 to 3.7424.9<0.001
  • Creatinine values were log transformed before entry into the model.

  • 4-150 Hazard ratio for a doubling in serum creatinine concentration.

  • CI, confidence interval; LRT, likelihood ratio test; SBP, systolic blood pressure.