Table 2

Reasons for delaying more than one hour before calling for medical help

Reasons All cases (n=235) Men (n=163) Women (n=72) PMH of MI (n=45) PMH of angina alone (n=49) No cardiac history (n=140)
Thought problem would go away1168630232370
Didn't think it was serious69432341649
Tried own treatment first634122112329
Had it before, usually got better0123465
Didn't want to make a fuss15870411
At social event, waited till at home1073028
At work, waited till at home633114
Bad experience of doctors431121
Waited for 2nd lay opinion412021
Waited for civilised hour313121
Didn't want to disturb GP220101
Fear of unknown211011
Not confident to phone as an emergency110010
  • Columns greater than 100%, as more than one reason could be given per person.

  • GP, general practitioner; MI, myocardial infarction; PMH, past medical history