Table 2

Comparison of characteristics of coronary care unit (CCU) patients collected prospectively with those in a retrospective population survey

CCU patients
CCU patients
Age (streptokinase only); M:F ratio63 (62.5); 63:2665 (65); 47:22
2-150AMI site—inferior:anterior:other47:39:342:22:5
2-151Median pain to needle time (mean)195 (227)237 (281)
2-151Median door to needle time (mean)80 (88)81 (98)
Deaths/intracranial haemorrhage3/013/0
Median pain to door time (mean)108 (138)138 (172)
  • 2-150 Retrospective data are weighted to streptokinase patients, missing most episodes of alteplase use. This excludes a predominantly younger group (less than 70 years) and anterior infarcts (standard eligibility criteria for alteplase at the time), with possibly earlier presentations.

  • 2-151 Data calculated on sample of 56 patients only (initial group found by drug alert (streptokinase) + diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction).

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction.