Table 4

Clinical details of deaths in prospectively studied emergency department and coronary care unit patients

Age/sex/infarct site/ST changes/
prelysis CCU review
tPA/SK Time to death Cause of death Initial hypotension/CCF
Coronary care unit deaths (3)
81/ F/inf/3×1 mm/yesSK10 daysCardiogenic failureNo, but recurrent episodes during admission
81/F/new LBBB/yesSK8 daysArrest after 8/7 low output failureInitial shock, SBP 70; severe LV dysfunction
72/F/ant/4×4 mm/yestPA3 daysPulseless electrical activity; probable  tamponadeNo
Emergency department deaths (12)
46/M/ant/4×4 mm/yestPA4 daysCardiogenic shock; died post-CABGSBP 70; persistent hypotension
88/M/ant/3×6 mm/yesSK4 daysArrest after day 4; cardiac failureSBP 90; inotrope dependent before arrest
54/M/ant lat inf/8×2mm/noSK4 hoursAortic dissection; tamponadeEhlers-Danlos syndrome
74/F/inf lat/6×1mm/noSK1 hourSudden hypotensive arrestYes; occurred rapidly after thrombolysis
77/F/ant/4×7 mm/noSK3 daysNew VSD day 2; VF arrestMild pulmonary oedema; hypotensive after VSD
87/M/inf post/6×2 mm/noSK6 daysNew ST changes day 6; hypotensive demise2nd AMI; not for thrombolysis/resuscitation
77/F/inf/2×4 mm/yesSK12 daysCardiogenic shockInotrope dependent before arrest
83/F/ant/4×5 mm/yesSK5 daysIntracranial haemorrhageSBP 180 at time of thrombolysis; decision made  by cardiologist
84/M/ant/4×5 mm/noSK9 daysVSD; arrest afterNot hypotensive on arrival; VSD late
78/F/inf/3×6 mm/noSK3 daysCardiogenic shockGradual decrease in SBP
89/M/ant/3×4 mm/noSK4 daysVF arrest; not for resuscitationInitial SBP 80; severe LV dysfunction
67/M/inf post/5×4 mm/noSK (0.8 MU)4 hoursRescue angioplasty; hypotensive arrestBP fell during SK; persisted after angioplasty
  • Ant, anterior; BP, blood pressure; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CCF, congestive heart failure; inf, inferior; LBBB, left bundle branch block; LV, left ventricular; post, posterior; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SK, streptokinase; tPA, alteplase; VF, ventricular fibrillation; VSD, ventricular septal defect.