Table 2

Major trials of the effects of lowering LDL cholesterol among diabetic patients without pre-existing CHD

Trial2-150 Type of diabetic patient Cholesterol lowering treatment comparison Approx number of CHD events/diabetic patients without pre-existing CHD Scheduled
end date
HPSType 1 and 2 (see table 1)Simvastatin 40 mg dailyv placebo300/40002001
ALLHATType 2 with hypertensionPravastatin 40 mg dailyv usual care250/35002002
ASPENType 2 with one risk factorAtorvastatin 10 mg dailyv placebo300/20002003
CARDSType 2 with one risk factorAtorvastatin 10 mg dailyv placebo300/30002004
ASCOTType 2 with hypertension
 and two other risk factors
Atorvastatin 10 mg daily vplacebo200/40002004
LDSType 2Cerivastatin 0.4 mg daily v placebo
(and, in factorial design, fenofibrate vplacebo)
  • 2-150 See box for explanation of trial acronyms.

  • Trials with at least 100 CHD events expected during about 5 years of ⩾ 1.0 mmol/l difference in LDL cholesterol.