Table 2

Comparison between patients with clinical arrhythmia versus the remainder (Mustard patients)

  • Values are n or mean (SD).

  • 2-150 Patients with more than mild left ventricular hypertension (left ventricular systolic pressure from cardiac catheterisation and/or continuous wave Doppler > 60 mm Hg) owing to left ventricular outflow tract obstruction (n=3) or pulmonary hypertension (n=2).

  • AT, anaerobic threshold; BP, blood pressure; FU, follow up; IVS, intraventricular septal; LV, left ventricular; LVEDD, left ventricular end diastolic diameter; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; RV, right ventricular; RVEDD, right ventricular end diastolic diameter; RVEF, right ventricular ejection fraction; TR, tricuspid regurgitation;V˙o 2max, maximum oxygen uptake.