Table 3

Predictors of late clinical arrhythmia in adults with the Mustard procedure for transposition of the great arteries

Variable Risk ratio
(95% confidence interval)
p Value
Univariate analysis
Age at Mustard operation, years0.15
“Complex” Mustard0.90
NYHA ⩾ III0.53
Superior QRS axis0.64
QRS duration max (ms)0.06
QT dispersion (ms)1.02 (1.00 to 1.04)0.002
U wave4.27 (1.05 to 17.30)0.04
Junctional rhythm0.57
RV dysfunction ⩾ III and TR ⩾ III3.68 (1.05 to 12.88)0.04
LV hypertension (⩾ 60 mm Hg)0.30
RVEDD on MRI (mm)0.06
LVEDD on MRI (mm)0.90 (0.82 to 0.99)0.04
RVEDD/LVEDD on MRI2.25 (1.16 to 4.34)0.01
RVEF, rest RNA (%)0.12
RVEF, exercise RNA (%)0.94 (0.90 to 0.99)0.03
Exercise time (min)0.27
Anaerobic threshold (ml/kg/min)0.36
o 2max (ml/kg/min)0.21
Work load (kpm)0.99 (0.98 to 1.00)0.04
Multivariate analysis
QT dispersion (ms)1.04 (1.00 to 1.08)0.02
  • LV, left ventricular; LVEDD, left ventricular end diastolic diameter; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; NYHA, New York Heart Association functional class; RNA, radionuclide angiography; RV, right ventricular; RVEDD, right ventricular end diastolic diameter; RVEF, right ventricular ejection fraction.