Table 1

Baseline characteristics in 41 patients with congestive heart failure

Double blind studyOpen studyAll metoprolol (n=29)p Value
Metoprolol(n=14)p ValueMetoprolol (n=15)p Value
Age (years)56 (6.3)46 (14)< 0.0555 (10)NS51 (13)NS
Sex (male, %)6771NS80NS76NS
NYHA functional class (n)
Ejection fraction (%)25 (7.2)25 (7.7)NS30 (12)NS28 (11)NS
Heart rate (beats/min)88 (14)85 (17)NS79 (20)NS82 (18)NS
ACE inhibitors (%)9271NS67NS69NS
Digitalis (%)8393NS53NS72NS
Frusemide, dose (mg/day)100 (88)74 (43)NS90 (63)NS82 (54)NS
  • Values are mean (SD) unless stated otherwise.

  • p Value expresses comparison v the placebo group.

  • ACE, angiotensin converting enzyme; NYHA, New York Heart Association functional class.