Table 4

Multiple linear regression model of variables associated with left ventricular mass index, E/A ratio, and isovolumic relaxation time

Dependent variableIndependent variablesβ95% Confidence intervalp ValueMultiple R (p value)
Left ventricular mass indexMid-arm fat area0.0330.047 to 0.018< 0.0010.609
Mid-arm muscle area1.0151.924 to 0.1060.029
E/A ratioHeart rate−0.015−0.023 to −0.008< 0.0010.588
Systolic blood pressure0.0130.002 to 0.0240.014
Diastolic blood pressure−0.016−0.028 to −0.0050.005
Isovolumic relaxation timeMid-arm muscle area−0.311−0.024 to −0.5970.0360.036
  • E/A ratio, relation between peak velocity of early (E) and late (A) ventricular filling.