Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the study group

Variable Mean (SD) Range
Age (years)45 (15)23–73
End systolic diameter (cm)4.44 (0.60)3.36–5.40
Ejection fraction (%)54 (4)47–62
Jet area/left ventricular outflow tract area (%)58 (7)46–73
Diameter of the jet at origin (mm)12.3 (2.7)8.2–17.5
End diastolic diameter index (cm/m2)3.41 (0.35)2.87–4.56
End systolic diameter index (cm/m2)2.39 (0.34)1.78–3.30
End diastolic volume index (ml/m2)134 (31)83–199
End systolic volume index (ml/m2)62 (17)34–97
End systolic wall stress (103dynes/cm2)105 (32)45–161
Left ventricular mass index (g/m2)218 (67)108–329