Table 1

UK and US recommendations for antibiotic prophylaxis in cases of congenital heart disease

British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 15 American Heart Association 12
Dental procedures requiring antibiotic prophylaxis
Dental extractionsDental extractions
Periodontal surgery or scaling with or without local anaesthesiaPeriodontal procedures including surgery, scaling, root planing, probing, and recall
Dental implants placement and reimplantation of avulsed teeth
Endodontic (root canal) instrumentation or surgery only beyond the apex
Subgingival placement of antibiotic fibres or strips
Initial placement of orthodontic bands, but not brackets
Prophylactic cleaning of teeth or implants where bleeding is anticipated
Intraligamentary local anaesthetic injections
Dental procedures not requiring antibiotic prophylaxis
Restorative dentistry with or without retraction cord
Local anaesthetic injections
Intracanal endodontic treatment, post-placement and buildup
Placement of rubber dam
Postoperative suture removal
Placement of removable prosthodontic or orthodontic appliances
Taking of oral impressions
Shedding of primary teeth