Table 1

Patient demographics, amyloid type, organ involvement on SAP scan, severity of heart failure, and organs transplanted

Case Age (years)/
Amyloid type Organs involved on preoperative SAPscan Preoperative heart failure class (NYHA I–IV) Organs transplanted
159 MALHeart, kidney, spleenIVHeart
246 MALHeart, spleenIV + IABPHeart
359 MALIVHeart
450 FALIV + IABPHeart
561 MALHeartIV Heart
656 MALIIIHeart
752 MALHeart, liver, kidney, spleenIVHeart
855 FAL (MM)Heart, liver, kidney, spleenIIIHeart
962 MTTRIIIHeart and liver
1035 FApoA1Heart, liver, kidney, spleenIVHeart and kidney
  • AL, light chain amyloidosis; ApoA1, apoprotein A1 mutation; F, female; IABP, intra-aortic balloon pump; M, male; MM, multiple myeloma; SAP, serum amyloid P component scintigraphy; TTR, transthyretin variant; –, not performed.