Table 5

Duration of survival, cause of death, and pathological features of note

Case Age (years)/
Survival (months) Mode of death Procedure Amyloid distribution at necropsy/in operation specimen Other pathological findings
159, M0Kidney and heart failureNecropsyKidneys, vessels in liver, spleen, lymph nodes, pancreas, seminal vesicles, prostate, thyroid, lungsSubendocardial infarction; contraction band necrosis
246, M0Right heart failure secondary to pulmonary hypertensionNecropsyLungs (perivascular ++), vessels in tongue, liver, lymph nodes, adrenals, testes, prostate, spleenPulmonary infarct
359, M3.0Multiorgan failure; membranous colitis (operated)ColectomyVascular and interstitial amyloid in submucosa and mesentery
450, F11.4Herpes pneumonia and encephalomyelitis
561, M26.2Metastatic colonic adenocarcinomaColectomyVessels and mesentery of colon
656, M85.4Sudden deathNecropsyVascular and interstitial in heart; vessels in kidneyMild acute rejection (ISHLT grade 1A)
752, M116.3Septicaemia; ischaemic colitisNecropsyVessels in colon, stomach, lung, adenals, liver, spleen, skin, testes, bladder, ureter, pancreas, bone marrow, aorta, interstitium of heartCardiac toxoplasmosis, graft vascular disease
855, F49.0Heart and kidney failureNecropsyMyocardial vessels in heart; vessels in lung, liver, spleen, wall of colon, myometrium, thyroid, pancreas, adrenalsGraft vascular disease
962, M31.7Kidney failure related to prostatic carcinomaNecropsyVessels of lung, spleen, wall of bowel, prostate, adrenals, peripheral nervesOxalate nephropathy; no cardiac amyloid (only one block examined)
1035, F67.5Not applicable (alive)