Table 1

Evolution to dilated cardiomyopathy in patients with acute myocarditis

Reference Number of patients Diagnosis Evolution to DCM (%) Mean follow up or range
Bengtsson 196630 90Clinical1560 months
Helin 196831 12Clinical07 months
Sainani 196832 19Clinical03 months
Smith 197033 42Clinical784 months
Gerzen 197234 18Clinical2812 months
Levi 197735 10Clinical042–68 months
Kitaura 197936 11Histology2718–156 months
Edwards 198237 5Histology206–12 months
Kayakawa 198338 20Clinical3049 months
Fenoglio 198321 18Histology1712 months
Kayakawa 198439 10Clinical3055 months
Daly 198440 9 (IS 9)Histology226 months
Dec 198513 18Histology116–12 months
Das 198541 18Clinical1154 months
Billingham 198642 20 (IS 15)Histology405 months
Giesecke198724 45Clinical113 months
Quigley 198712 23Histology5243 months
Weiss 198743 13 (IS 1)Histology4636 months
Anderson 198744 10Histology206–12 months
Sekiguchi198817 20Histology1049 months
Salvi 199045 38 (IS 28)Histology2949 months
Davidoff 199146 36 (IS 20)Histology1930 months
Sekiguchi 199447 90Histology1445 months
Maisch 199448 21Histology286 months
Mason 199527 47Histology1752 months
Sinagra 199718 56 (IS 36)Histology3948 months
Total719Mean 21%Mean f/u 33 months
  • Published data on the incidence of progression to dilated cardiomyopathy in patients with clinical or histological diagnosis of acute myocarditis of viral or unknown origin.

  • DCM, dilated cardiomyopathy; f/u, follow up; IS, number of patients treated with immunosuppressive drugs (no placebo controlled data).