Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with calcific aortic stenosis and controls

Calcific aortic stenosis
Gradient across aortic valve (mm Hg)1-150 59 (20)No gradient
Aortic valve area (cm2)1-150 0.8 (0.3)Not determined
Age (years)1-150 69.4 (9.3)67.1 (6.7)
Sex (male/female) (n)55/4555/45
Coronary artery disease48%48%
No coronary artery disease52%52%
History of
Positive family history of coronary artery disease31%27%
Diabetes mellitus15%11%
BMI (kg/m2)1-150 26.8 (4.0)26.9 (3.2)
  • 1-150 Mean (SD).

  • BMI, body mass index.