Table 1

Patient and plaque characteristics

Patient/ plaque numberSexAge (years)BMICardiovscular risk factorsPlaque morphology1-150Plaque density (HU)1-151
1Male5828.71++++Soft6 (28)
2Female6527.13++Soft−5 (25)
3Male5923.96+Intermediate83 (17)
4Male4628.69++++Intermediate51 (19)
5Male6326.76+++Calcified489 (372)
6Female7025.78++++Calcified423 (111)
  • BMI, body mass index (kg/m2); S, smoking; DM, diabetes mellitus; H, hypertension; HLP, hyperlipoproteinaemia; FH, family history of coronary artery disease.

  • 1-150 Plaque morphology classified by using ICUS criteria.Soft plaque—more than 80% of the plaque composed of tissue with an echogenity lower than the echogenity of the adventitia (arc of lesion calcium < 90%).Intermediate plaque—more than 80% of the plaque area composed of tissue producing echoes as bright or brighter than the adventitia (arc of lesion calcium < 90%).Calcified plaque—plaque involving bright echoes with acoustic shadowing accompanying more than 90° of the vessel wall circumference.4

  • 1-151 Plaque density derived from density measurements performed by multi-slice computed tomography (HU, Hounsfield units).