Table 1

Clinical characteristics and echocardiographic findings in 15 patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

CaseAge (years)/ sexClinical presentationTime from first symptomECGSAECG RV biopsyRV dilatation A/TRV WM score A/TTAM ⩽ 20 mm, M modeTAM E:A ⩽ 1, tissue Doppler
T waves
E wave
158/FVT7 yearsV1–V2Fat, fibrosis2/35/11+
253/MVT16 yearsV1–V5++Fat, fibrosis2/38/9++
349/MVT16 yearsV1–V3+Fat, fibrosis3/310/10++
447/MVT11 yearsV1–V3+Fat, fibrosis3/39/9++
545/FSyncope6 yearsV1–V4Fat, fibrosis0/30/8+
639/MSVT2 yearsV1–V2+Fat, fibrosis0/30/8
735/FECG abnormality6 yearsV1–V5+NDND3/310/11++
830/FFamily historyAsymptomaticV1–V3Fat, fibrosis1/35/10
928/MVT16 yearsIRBBB+Fat, fibrosis1/35/10+
1023/MFamily historyAsymptomaticV1+Fibrosis0/30/10+
 1122/FFamily historyAsymptomaticV1–V3Fat, fibrosis2/31/10
1227/MFamily historyAsymptomaticV1–V2Fat, fibrosis0/33/10+
1359/MVT9 yearsV1–V4+Fat, fibrosis3/39/9++
1448/MVT10 yearsV1–V6++Fat, fibrosis3/312/12+
1530/MVT< 1 yearV1–V5Fat, fibrosis2/37/9+
  • A, number of abnormal dimensions or wall motion score in the individual patient; E, epsilon; E:A, early to late diastolic ratio; F, female; IRBBB, incomplete right bundle branch block; M, male; ND, not done; RV, right ventricular; SAECG, signal average ECG; SVT, supraventricular tachycardia; T, total number of measured dimensions or segments; TAM, tricuspid annular motion at lateral position; VT, ventricular tachycardia, WM, wall motion.