Table 5

Other conditions with glucocorticoid metabolite abnormalities

Condition Metabolic abnormality
Corticosterone secreting tumoursHigh concentrations of corticosterone
Deoxycorticosterone secreting tumoursHigh concentrations of deoxycorticosterone33
Biosynthetic defects
17-Hydroxylase deficiencyHigh ratio of THF + αTHF/THE; low 17-hydroxycorticosterone concentrations34
11-Hydroxylase deficiencyLittle or no cortisol excretion35
Other conditions
Cushing's diseaseHigh serum cortisol levels; high excretion of urinary free cortisol36
Mineralocorticoid excess syndromeF:E ratio increased (cortisol to cortisone ratio increased)37
Dexamethasone suppressible hyperaldosteronismHigh urinary excretion of 18-hydroxycortisol metabolites38
Partial glucocorticoid resistanceTotal cortisol metabolites are increased
  • F:E ratio, cortisol to cortisone ratio; THE, tetrahydrocortisone; THF, tetrahydrocortisol.