Table 2

Correlation between individual systolic and diastolic variables, clinical severity of heart symptoms, and plasma adrenomedullin concentrations

All patientsSystolic heart failure with RFPSystolic heart failure with non-RFPDiastolic heart failure
Variablerp Valuerp Valuerp Valuerp Value
E velocity0.25< 0.050.52< 0.0050.04NS0.003NS
A velocity−0.13NS−0.02NS0.03NS0.32NS
E:A ratio0.330.0050.35< 0.050.07NS−0.22NS
Deceleration time of E−0.13NS0.19NS−0.02NS0.43< 0.05
Isovolumic relaxation time0.01NS−0.02NS0.27NS−0.10NS
End diastolic dimension0.25< 0.050.10NS0.18NS0.21NS
End systolic dimension0.21NS0.09NS0.20NS0.18NS
Fractional shortening−0.17NS−0.02NS−0.21NS0.04NS
LVEF by M mode−0.20NS−0.11NS−0.23NS0.04NS
LVEF by Simpson's method−0.15NS−0.06NS−0.10NS−0.19NS
Left atrial size0.18NS0.26NS0.03NS0.02NS
NHYA class0.14NS0.21NS0.29NS0.27NS
Diuretics used0.12NS0.30NS−0.16NS−0.28NS
  • A velocity, transmitral peak atrial filling velocity; E velocity, transmitral peak early filling velocity; E:A ratio, ratio of transmitral early to atrial peak filling velocity; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PASP, pulmonary arterial systolic pressure; RFP, restrictive filling pattern of diastolic dysfunction.