Table 3

Stepwise multiple regression analysis comparing the correlation between individual variables and plasma adrenomedullin concentration

Variable Regression coefficient p Value
RFP v non-RFP3-150 51.40.02
E velocity−0.15NS
A velocity0.82NS
E:A ratio46.9NS
Deceleration time of E0.11NS
Isovolumic relaxation time0.67NS
End diastolic dimension12.3NS
End systolic dimension−1.6NS
Fractional shortening1.13NS
LVEF by M mode−0.21NS
LVEF by Simpson's method−0.81NS
Sex3-150 19.9NS
Heart rate0.55NS
NYHA class3-150 3.41NS
Daily diuretic consumptionNS
  • 3-150 Categorical variables.

  • A velocity, transmitral peak atrial filling velocity; E velocity, transmitral peak early filling velocity; E:A ratio, ratio of transmitral early to atrial peak filling velocity; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PASP, pulmonary arterial systolic pressure; RFP, restrictive filling pattern of diastolic dysfunction.