Table 2

The 17 items of the Duke questionnaire

Yes, describes
me exactly
Somewhat describes meNo, doesn't describe me at all
1. I like who I am
2. I am not an easy person to get along with
3. I am basically a healthy person
4. I give up too easily
5. I have difficulty concentrating
6. I am happy with my family relationships
7. I am comfortable being around people
TODAY would you have any physical trouble or difficulty:NoneSomeA lot
8. Walking up a flight of stairs?
9. Running the length of a football field?
DURING THE PAST WEEK, how much trouble have you had with:NoneSomeA lot
10. Sleeping?
11. Hurting or aching in any part of your body?
12. Getting tired easily?
13. Feeling depressed or sad?
14. Nervousness?
DURING THE PAST WEEK, how often did you:NoneSomeA lot
15. Socialise with other people (talk or visit with friends or relatives)?
16. Take part in social, religious, or recreation activities (meetings, church, movies, sports, parties)?
DURING THE PAST WEEK, how often did you:None1–4 days5–7 days
17. Stay in your home, a nursing home, or hospital because of sickness, injury, or other health problem?