Table 3

Sociodemographic and medical variables in the 89 enrolled patients tested by univariate analysis

Fixed pulmonary hypertension (yes or no)
Rhythm disturbances (yes or no)
Pacemaker (yes or no)
Cyanosis (yes or no)
Cardiac transplantation or awaiting for transplantation (yes or no)
Postoperative complication (yes or no)
Congenital extracardiac malformation (yes or no)
Number of surgical interventions
Number of drugs taken daily
Interventional catheterisation (yes or no)
Psychosocial problems (yes or no)
Orthopaedic problems (yes or no)
Congestive heart failure (yes or no)
Type of single ventricle (1=tricuspid atresia; 2=double inlet heart; 3=mitral atresia; 4=others)
Job (yes or no)
Lifestyle (1=with parents, 2=special institution, 3=independent)
Educational level (1=low; 2=intermediate; 3=high)