Table 7

Determination of factors concerned with knowledge of adult patients about their congenital heart disease, based on multiple logistic regression analysis

Dependent variable Covariates Odds ratio 95% CI p Value Nagelkerke R2
Localisation of the heart defectCoarctation of the aorta versus aortic valve stenosis3.6110.612 to 20.3200.1450.360
Tetralogy of Fallot versus aortic valve stenosis0.0640.0061 to 0.6760.022
Other diagnostic groups versus aortic valve stenosis1.0190.232 to 4.4660.981
Sexual activity as no risk factor for endocarditisEducational level2.7411.187 to 6.3250.0180.248
White collar worker versus blue collar worker0.9350.207 to 4.2340.931
Student versus blue collar worker0.0780.009 to 0.6770.021
Others versus blue collar worker0.1130.010 to 1.3280.083
Physical restrictionsFemale sex0.2430.071 to 0.8340.0250.114
Competitive sportsFemale sex0.2430.071 to 0.8340.0250.114
  • CI, Confidence interval.