Table 3

Collateral flow data and changes in collateral flow index between first and second occlusion

Occlusion group Stenosis group p Value
Sufficient collaterals3-150 18/275/270.0002
Angiographic collateral degree2.3 (0.8)0.8 (0.7)0.0001
CFI at first occlusion0.29 (0.17)0.27 (0.13)NS
Decreased CFI17 (63%)8 (30%)0.03
Increased CFI10 (37%)17 (63%)0.03
Unchanged CFI02 (7%)NS
Time from start of intervention to first CFI measurement (min)21 (9)19 (14)NS
  • Values are mean (SEM) or n (%).

  • 3-150 No intracoronary ECG ST changes during occlusion.

  • CFI, collateral flow index.