Table 2

Echo criteria for LVH and formula for left ventricular mass calculation

 Septal and posterior wall thickness are measured just beyond the tips of the mitral valve leaflets
Abnormal S > 13 mm men; > 12 mm women
Abnormal PW > 12 mm men; > 11 mm women
Left ventricular mass formula (using American Society of Cardiology guidelines, measuring leading edge to leading edge)
Left ventricular mass (g) = 0.83 [(S + PW + LVDD)3 − LVDD3] + 0.6
2-150Left ventricular mass > 134 g/m2 (men)
2-150Left ventricular mass > 110 g/m2 (women)
  • 2-150 Corrected for body surface area. Correction by height in metres is preferred in Framingham outcome studies.

  • S, septal thickness; PW, posterior wall thickness; LVDD, left ventricular diastolic diameter.