Table 4

Investigations recommended in the assessment of pulmonary hypertension

 Chest radiograph
 Ventilation perfusion scan
 High resolution CT lungs
 Contrast helical CT pulmonary arteries with pulmonary angiography (in selected cases)
 Abdominal ultrasound
 Arterial blood gases in room air
 Lung function (including FEV1, FVC, TLC, Va, Tlco, Kco)
 Nocturnal oxygen saturation monitoring
 Submaximal exercise test (six minute walk or incremental shuttle test)
 Cardiac catheterisation (including right heart catheterisation with saturations and haemodynamics, and acute pulmonary vasoreactivity study)
Blood investigations include:
 Routine biochemistry and haematology
 Thrombophilia screen
 Thyroid function
 Autoimmune screen (including anti-centromere antibody, anti-SCL70 and RNP, phospholipid antibodies)
 Hepatitis serology
 Serum angiotensin converting enzyme
 β-HCG (women)
  • CT, computed tomographic; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC, forced vital capacity; TLC, total lung capacity; Va, alveolar volume; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; Kco, carbon monoxide transfer factor corrected for alveolar volume; RNP, ribonuclear protein; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus.