Table 4

Suitability of secundum atrial septal defect for transcatheter device closure

View TOE measurements (mm)
AnyLargest dimension of defect (2DE)
Largest dimension of defect (CFM)
Mid oesophageal four chamber viewInferior rim of defect to MV
Inferior rim of defect to TV
Total septal length
Short axis view at base of heartAntero-superior rim of defect (to aortic root)
Posterior rim of defect (to pulmonary vein)
Total septal length
G-O junction (0°) or oblique (130°) coronary sinus viewInferior rim of defect to coronary sinus
Biatrial viewSuperior rim of defect to SVC
Inferior rim of defect to IVC
Total septal length
  • 2DE, two dimensional echocardiography; CFM, colour flow mapping; G-O, gastro-oesophageal; IVC, inferior vena cava; MV, mitral valve; SVC, superior vena cava; TV, tricuspid valve.