Table 3

Electrophysiological characteristsics

CharacteristicIRVA (n=41)ARVD (n=15)p Value
Values are n (%) or mean (SD).
ARVD, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia; Burst/isoprenaline, rapid ventricular stimulation at varying cycle lengths and/or isoprenaline; Earliest diastolic activity, prematurity of local endocardial electrical activity preceding the onset of the QRS complex in the surface ECG; IRVA, idiopathic right ventricular arrhythmia; PVS, programmed ventricular stimulation using ventricular extra beats; RF, radiofrequency; VT: ventricular tachycardia.
Mode of VT induction
PVS1/31 (3%)14/15 (93%)<0.0001
Burst/isoprenaline9/31 (30%)0
Fragmented diastolic potentials013/14 (94%)<0.0001
Earliest diastolic activity (ms)−28 (10.8)−80.7 (51.3)<0.0001
RF ablation
Primary success28/30 (93%)6/13 (46%)0.0016
Not attempted11/41 (7%)2/15 (14%)
Acute failure2/30 (7%)7/13 (54%)0.0003