Table 2

Summary of case control studies linking inflammatory gene polymorphisms to atherosclerosis

Investigated geneNumber of patientsMain findingsAuthors, year
CAD, coronary artery disease; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; IL 1, interleukin 1; MVD, multivessel coronary disease; OR, odds ratio; RR, relative risk; SVD, single vessel coronary disease.
*Healthy control subjects not included.
TNF α641 menSeveral polymorphisms not associated with severity or extent of CADHerrmann et al, 19984
674–308A not associated with CADFrancis et al, 199916
700 men (autopsy)–308A not associated with CADKeso et al, 200117
TNF β199 menThr26 not associated with CADBraun et al, 199818
TGF β1374 menSeveral variants not associated with CADCambien et al, 19966
655*Several polymorphisms not associated with coronary artery diameter stenoses ≥30%Syrris et al, 199819
371*–509T not associated with CADWang et al, 199820
TGF β2101TGF β2 variant not associated with IHDBiggart et al, 199821
IL 1 system674IL 1α (–889) and IL –1β (–511 and +3593) not associated with CADFrancis et al, 199916
674IL 1ra intron 2 VNTR allele 2 associated with SVD (OR=2.8, p<0.005) but not with MVDFrancis et al, 199916
1850IL 1ra +8006C (exon 2) associated with protection against restenosisKastrati et al, 200022
CD141053–159T not associated with CADUnckelbach et al, 199912
E selectin97 and 99Arg128 and Phe554T associated with severe coronary or peripheral atherosclerosis ≤50 years (p=0.02)Wenzel et al, 1994,23 199624
82*Arg128 associated with ≥50% coronary stenoses (p<0.05)Ye et al, 199925
PECAM 198Val125 and Asn563 associated with CAD ≤50 years (p<0.05)Wenzel et al, 199926
2500*Val125 associated with CAD in “low ” versus “high risk” patients (RR=1.5, p=0.035)Gardemann et al, 200015