Table 5

Histological quantitative criteria for inflammatory infiltrate in myocarditis from other studies

AuthorsSpecimenNumber of patientsPatient age (years)Cells per fieldMagnifying powerIHC
IHC, immunohistochemistry (No: not used, Yes: used).
Yutani et al (1981)25Kawasaki201< 1810–20200×No
Edwards et al (1982)26Heart disease17029400× (20 fields counted)No
Linder et al (1985)24Normal206125–30/mm2500× (20 fields counted)No
Tazelaar et al (1986)9Heart transplant donors8623Focus of at least 5 cells80×No
Kuhl et al (1995)27DCM176> 2 (> 7 cells/mm2)400× (10 fields counted)Yes
Holzinger et al (1995)28Heart transplant donors7≥ 17 cells/mm2400×Yes
Maisch et al (1998)2956> 14 cells/mm2400×Yes