Table 2

Influence of pro-LVH genotype on phenotype in family members with the myosin binding protein C (MyBP-C) mutation

Pro-LVH genotype
VariableYes (n=16)No (n=10)p Value*p Value†
*Univariate analysis.
†General linear model or logistic regression analysis controlling for age, sex, and the presence of hypertension.
IVST, interventricular septal thickness; LV, left ventricular; ns, not significant.
Sex (male/female)5/112/8nsns
Age (years)47 (17)45 (17)nsns
IVST (mm)16.4 (6.7)11.5 (2.0)0.0120.09
LV mass (g)319.5 (112.8)189.9 (47.6)0.0020.02
Pathological ECG10 (63%)00.005ns