Table 1

Lead extraction details

*Patients with venous occlusion of the ipsilateral veins. Indication: Pain, painful pacemaker; Failure, lead failure and the patient is young (≤ 60 years); Advisory, an advisory lead and the patient has requested lead extraction; ICD, patient required upgrading of pacemaker to ICD or replacement of a failed defibrillator lead. System: the system in situ requiring extraction; DDD, dual chamber; VVI and AAI, single chamber. Extracted: the number of each type of leads extracted. Tech: the system used to perform lead extraction; S, needle eye snare; B, Byrd femoral workstation. Anaesth: LA, local; GA, general anaesthetic. Rem: indicates whether any lead fragments were retained; N, none; distal, < 2 cm of distal lead was retained. Drag: how many leads were replaced by the drag through technique; */* number of leads dragged through/number requiring extraction. Proc and Fluoro: procedure and fluoroscopy time (mins) including time for new implants.
150FailureVVIVBLAN1/1280 45.5
363AdvisoryDDDVSLAN1/1135 35
463FailureDDDA,VSLAN2/2175 20
5*41FailureAAIAx1SLAN1/1300 58.8
672AdvisoryDDDVx2,Ax1SLAN2/2110 58.8
773ICDVVIVSGAN1/1140 20
860FailureDDDA,VSLADistal2/2150 34.2
9*54FailureDDDA,VBLAN2/290 10
1054FailureVVIVSLAN1/1150 7.6
11*67FailureDDDVBLAN2/2240 58.2
12*58ICDDDDVBGAN1/160 12
1352Failed ICDICDICDBLAN1/1100 28.4
1453Failed ICDICDICDBLADistal1/1120 75