Table 2

Exercise test results and plasma catecholamine concentrations among patients who performed an exercise test and had results from all plasma catecholamine measurements at baseline, excluding those treated with digoxin or with left bundle branch block

No CV death or MI (n=528)CV death (n=24)p Value*Non-fatal MI (n=21)p Value†
Data are mean (SD). *Comparison between patients suffering CV death and those without CV death or MI. †Comparison between patients with non-fatal MI and those without CV death or MI. Mann-Whitney test and t test (catecholamines) on log transformed variables.
Adrenaline (nmol/l)
    Before exercise0.17 (0.13)0.19 (0.13)0.14 (0.10)
    After exercise0.68 (0.61)0.67 (0.51)0.49 (0.34)
Noradrenaline (nmol/l)
    Before exercise2.43 (1.13)2.24 (1.22)2.93 (1.39)
    After exercise13.55 (7.68)14.23 (15.25)13.58 (7.79)
Exercise test results
    Exercise duration (s)617 (219)526 (181)0.033549 (183)
    Heart rate at maximal workload (beats/min)135 (23)125 (19)0.021124 (16)0.016
    Maximal ST depression (mm)1.3 (1.2)2.0 (2.0)1.6 (1.0)
    ST depression 2 minutes postexercise (mm)0.6 (0.7)1.4 (1.5)0.0030.8 (0.7)