Table 2

Major complications associated with ablation procedures

ArrhythmiaHeart block (%)Vascular damage/ haematoma (%)Other (%)Death (%)
DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PE, pulmonary embolus, TR, tricuspid regurgitation. For key to rest of abbreviations see table 1.
AVNRT0.90.490.08 DVT0
0.08 PE
0.08 Pneumothorax
AVRT: left sided< Tamponade0
0.2 Coronary occlusion
AVRT: right free wall1 (3rd degree)01 PE0
AVRT: septal0.50.50.5 Pneumothorax0
0.5 Pericarditis
Atrial flutter0.40.60.2 Tamponade0
0.2 DVT
0.2 Haemothorax
0.2 TR
AV node ablation for established AFN/A0.30.15 TR0.15 (pacemaker failure)
AF secondary to focal tachycardia012 Tamponade 0.5 Embolic stroke0