Table 1

Atrial pacing treatments

AF treatmentsAT treatments
For atrial fibrillation (AF), only 50 Hz atrial pacing can be programmed. Tiered atrial treatment can be programmed for atrial tachycardia (AT) with ramp, burst+, and 50 Hz pacing. Ramp and burst+ treatments can therefore only be delivered in AF if the device misclassifies the rhythms as AT.
Pacing (50 Hz)1. Pacing (ARamp)
    One burst, duration 2 s    Six bursts
    Six pulses
    A–S1 interval 94% of AA
    Interval deceleration 10 ms
2. Pacing (ABurst+)
    Six bursts
    12 Pulses
    A–S1 interval 94% of AA
    S1–S2 interval 91% of AA
    S2–S3 decrement 20 ms
    Interval deceleration 10 ms
3. Pacing (50 Hz)
    One burst, duration 2 s