Table 1

Characteristics and outcomes in patients according to treatment

Amplatzer groupSurgical groupp Value
NS, not significant; RVEDD, right ventricular end diastolic diameter
Median age (years, range)9.7 (2.1–44.6)5.5 (2.7–15.2)0.01
Median atrial septal defect size (mm, range)13 (9–30)19 (13–35)0.004
Male (%)2211
Procedural success (%)89100NS
Complication rate (%)11470.02
Complications affecting management (%)1121NS
Decrease RVEDD at six months (%)17.515.1NS
Decrease cardiothoracic ratio at six months (%)7.97.5NS
Median hospital stay (days)16<0.01
Median cost (£, range)5375 (5252–8439)5412 (5112–7512)NS
Median time to normal activities (weeks)25.5<0.01