Table 1

Major trials of antiplatelet agents that have been used as adjuncts to aspirin in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes

StudyTreatment armsAngiography + revascularisation% PCIDeath or MI at 30 daysMajor bleeding
*Results for tirofiban + heparin v heparin. The tirofiban group alone was stopped early because of excess mortality.
†Results for all lamifiban + heparin v placebo.
‡This is the combined end point of cardiovascular death or MI at 30 days rather than death from all causes or MI at 30 days.
§This is the combined end point of cardiovascular death or MI within 30 days of PCI rather than 30 days after randomisation to treatment.
CV, cardiovascular; MI, myocardial infarction; % PCI, percentage of study patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention; RR, relative risk; TVR, target vessel revascularisation.
CAPTURE (n=1265)Abciximab v placebo (for 19–25 hours)PCI planned in all subjects989.0% v 4.8%, RR 0.53, p=0.003Increased
PRISM (n=3232)Tirofiban v heparin (for 48 hours)Discouraged during the first 48 hours215.8% v 7.1%, RR 0.80, p=0.11Similar
PRISM PLUS (n=1915)*Tirofiban v tirofiban + heparin v heparin (for 48–96 hours)Encouraged between 48 and 96 hours31*8.7% v 11.9%, RR 0.7, p=0.006Similar
PURSUIT (n=10948)Eptifibatide v placebo (up to 96 hours)At discretion of the attending physician2414.2% v 15.7%, RR 0.90, p=0.04Increased
PARAGON A (n=2282)Low dose lamifiban ± heparin v high dose lamifiban ± heparin v placebo (for 72–120 hours)Discouraged during the first 48 hours14†11.3% v 11.7%, RR 0.96, p=0.80Increased
PARAGON B (n=5225)Lamifiban v placebo (for 72–120 hours)At discretion of the attending physician2710.6% v 11.5%, RR 0.92, p=0.32Increased
GUSTO IV (n=7800)Abciximab for 24 hours v abciximab for 48 hours v
placebo (for 24–48 hours)
Discouraged during the first 60 hours198.2% v 9.1% v 8.0%, p=0.19Increased
CURE (n=12562)Clopidogrel v placebo (for 9 months)Early intervention discouraged21‡3.9% v 4.8%, RR 0.79, p=0.007Increased
PCI-CURE (n=2658)Clopidogrel v placebo (for 9 months)Substudy of patients in CURE undergoing PCI100§4.4% v 2.9%, RR 0.66, p=0.04Similar