Table 1

Prevalence and correlates of lipid lowering drug use in men with documented myocardial infarction (MI) or angina

Definite MI (n=286)Definite angina, no MI (n=360)
N, total in category; n, number within the category taking lipid lowering drugs.
*Social class not available for 16 subjects in the MI group and 20 in the angina group; †Smoking status not available for 11 subjects in the MI group and 15 in the angina group.
Overall prevalence
    Any lipid lowering drug286102363608423
Previous revascularisation
    p value0.018< 0.001
Year of last diagnosis
    p value< 0.0010.26
Age at last diagnosis (years)
    < 6012949381022525
    ≥ 702672743819
    p value0.550.73
Social class*
    p value0.310.15
Geographic residence
    North, Midlands, and Wales16251312255123
    p Value0.180.92
Cigarette smoking status†
    p value0.560.41