Table 2

Comparison of effects of left ventricular pacing and biventricular pacing on exercise

VariableAfter 2 months of LVPAfter 2 months of BVPp Value
Data are mean (SD).
BVP, biventricular pacing; LVP, left ventricular pacing; PVCs, premature ventricular complexes; V˙o2, oxygen consumption.
Six minute walk test
Performance (m)428 (68)437 (59)0.88
Patients with heart failure symptoms after the test (%)64180.035
Number of PVCs during the test49 (71)10 (23)0.04
Symptom limited cardiopulmonary exercise test
Performance (W)77 (23)92 (34)0.03
Peak V˙o2 (ml/kg/min)16.5 (3.6)18.5 (4.2)0.11
Number of PVCs during the test64 (74)25 (29)0.09