Table 1

Comparison of pre-interventional values between patients with normal and abnormal multimer pattern. Normal ranges were established at authors' institutions

nAge (years)Heart murmur II°/III°/IV°Qp/QsPlatelets (×103/μl)aPTT (s)VWF:Ag (U/l)VWF:CB (U/l)VWF:CB/ VWF:Ag
Values are median (range).
aPPT, activated partial thromboplastin time; Qp/Qs, flow ratio of the pulmonary and systemic circulations, determined at cardiac catheterisation; VWF:Ag, von Willebrand antigen; VWF:CB, von Willebrand collagen binding capacity.
Normal multimers85.6 (1.2–18.7)4/2/21.34 (1.00–1.69)283 (213–416)37 (34–40)96 (71–121)91 (65–136)0.95 (0.79–1.32)
Acquired VWD42.1 (0.8–6.9)–/2/21.47 (1.40–2.24)306 (176–356)36 (35–57)67 (57–95)45 (43–48)0.68 (0.47–0.77)
Normal range150–40029–5050–16050–1600.8–4
p Value0.230.150.870.610.060.0070.007