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Congenital heart disease in adult patients

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Strategies for thromboprophylaxis in Fontan circulation: a meta-analysis
Tarek Alsaied, Said Alsidawi, Catherine C Allen, Jenna Faircloth, Joseph S Palumbo, Gruschen R Veldtman

11 October 2015

Relationship of cerebral blood flow to aortic-to-pulmonary collateral/shunt flow in single ventricles
Mark A Fogel, Christine Li, Felice Wilson, Tom Pawlowski, Susan C Nicolson, Lisa M Montenegro, Laura Diaz Berenstein, Thomas L Spray, J William Gaynor, Stephanie Fuller, Marc S Keller, Matthew A Harris, Kevin K Whitehead, Robert Clancy, Okan ElciSee the full list of authors

24 July 2015

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