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Congenital heart disease in adult patients

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Interventional treatments and risk factors in patients born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome in England and Wales from 2000 to 2015

Libby Rogers, Christina Pagel, Ian D Sullivan, Muhammed Mustafa, Victor Tsang, Martin Utley, Catherine Bull, Rodney C Franklin, Kate L Brown

25 January 2018

Long-term impact of chronic total occlusion recanalisation in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Joëlle Elias, Ivo M van Dongen, Truls Råmunddal, Peep Laanmets, Erlend Eriksen, Martijn Meuwissen, H Rolf Michels, Matthijs Bax, Dan Ioanes, Maarten Jan Suttorp, Bradley H Strauss, Emanuele Barbato, Koen M Marques, Bimmer E P M Claessen, Alexander Hirsch, René J van der Schaaf, Jan G P Tijssen, José P S Henriques, Loes P Hoebers, , on behalf of the EXPLORE investigators, JPS Henriques, JJ Piek, RJ De Winter, KT Koch, MM Vis, J Baan, JJ Wykrzykowska, EM Scheunhage, T Råmunddal, D Ioanes, EL Pommer, P Laanmets, M Tamm, RJ Van Der schaaf, T Slagboom, G Amoroso, V Stolk, E Eriksen, V Tuseth, LM Moldestad, M Bax, CE Schotborgh, C de Jonge, MJ Suttorp, M Bosschaert, C Feirabend, E Barbato, H Batjoens, B Strauss, P Reilly, KM Marques, EJ Verduyn, O Bertrand, M Meuwissen, M Baas, M Van der Ent, AF Haan, J Koolen, L Van Leur, JPS Henriques, RJ Van Der Schaaf, JGP Tijssen, LPC Hoebers, J Elias, IM Van Dongen, M Meuwissen, Hr Michels, C Dille, R Nijveldt, R Kooistra, JC Tuinenburg, P Agostoni, G Van Houwelingen

20 February 2018

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