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Progress in reducing inequalities in cardiovascular disease mortality in Europe
Chiara Di Girolamo, Wilma J Nusselder, Matthias Bopp, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen, Giuseppe Costa, Katalin Kovács, Mall Leinsalu, Pekka Martikainen, Barbara Pacelli, José Rubio Valverde, Johan P Mackenbach

16 December 2019

Symptoms, disease severity and treatment of adults with a new diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis
Norbert Frey, Richard Paul Steeds, Tanja K Rudolph, Jeetendra Thambyrajah, Antonio Serra, Eberhard Schulz, Jiri Maly, Marco Aiello, Guy Lloyd, Alessandro Santo Bortone, Karl Eugen Hauptmann, Alberto Clerici, Georg Delle Karth, Johannes Rieber, Ciro IndorfiSee the full list of authors

30 October 2019

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