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Valvular heart disease

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Average pixel intensity method for prediction of outcome in secondary mitral regurgitation
Victor Kamoen, Marc De Buyzere, Milad El Haddad, Tine L M de Backer, Frank Timmermans

27 May 2020

Contemporary epidemiology and outcomes in recurrent infective endocarditis
Afonso B Freitas-Ferraz, Gabriela Tirado-Conte, Isidre Vilacosta, Carmen Olmos, Carmen Sáez, Javier López, Cristina Sarriá, Carlos Nicolás Pérez-García, Daniel García-Arribas, Marianela Ciudad, Pablo Elpidio García-Granja, Raquel Ladrón, Carlos Ferrera, Salvatore Di Stefano, Luis MarotoSee the full list of authors

26 March 2020

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