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Dr James Rudd

Interviews on the latest research in cardiology


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Latest Podcast Episodes

Automated external defibrillator location and socioeconomic deprivation in Great Britain

Dr Tom Burgoine and Dr Chris Wilkinson Professor James Rudd is joined by Dr Tom Burgoine and Dr Chris Wilkinson from the Universities of York and Cambridge. They discuss the distribution of AEDs in relation to deprivation and how things could be improved. Read the original research paper published in Heart. Release date: 23rd April 2024

Cardiogeriatrics - what it is and why you should know about it

Dr Akshay Gaur and Dr David Warriner Professor James Rudd is joined by Dr Akshay Gaur and Dr David Warriner from Doncaster, Sheffield and Leeds hospitals, UK. They discuss the concept of caring for elderly patients with heart conditions and the helpful role of a cardio geriatrician. Read the review article published in Heart. Release date: 9th April 2024

Using smartwatches to measure VO2 max - is it helpful in ACHD patients?

Dr Tomio Tran In this episode of the Heart podcast, Digital Media Editor, Professor James Rudd, is joined by Dr Tomio Tran from Seattle. They discuss his paper about how well smartwatches measure peak oxygen consumption compared to CPET in ACHD subjects. Read the research paper published in Heart. Release date: 26th March 2024

Antithrombotic therapy after heart valve intervention: a review of mechanisms, evidence and current guidance

Norman Briffa Professor James Rudd is joined by Norman Briffa, a cardiac surgeon from Sheffield, UK. They discuss his review paper published in Heart about anti-thrombotic strategies after valve intervention, both transcatheter and surgical. Release date: 12th March 2024

Predicting the risk of CVD

Dr Dinesh Kalra Professor James Rudd is joined by Dr Dinesh Kalra from Louisville, Kentucky. They discuss all aspects of ASCVD risk prediction using examples of three different scoring systems in use around the world. Read the related Education in Heart paper here. Release date: 27th February 2024

Apple Podcast reviews

★★★★★ Fun show This is a good listen for generalists and cardiologists too. My wife is a doctor and enjoys it. 30/12/2023
★★★★★ Best podcast at the BMJ! Dr Rudd is such a good host. Could you persuade him to take over the BMJ podcast? I like the variety of guests interviewed too. The editing is excellent so congrats to the backroom crew. 18/12/2023
★★★★★ Amazing show. Great for med students. Hi - I really enjoy this podcast. The host has a funny way with guests and the topics are mostly relevant to me. Can we please have weekly or video releases on YouTube? 22/06/2022
★★★★★ Great podcast for cardiology doctors and nurses Love this. The host is a cardiologist too which puts the topics into a clinical real world perspective. Keep it up. Perhaps weekly episodes - would love that. Good show length for commuting. Keep up the good work! 12/03/2022 


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