Top Cited Articles

To celebrate another year of high quality, cutting edge content published in Heart, we have shortlisted the most cited papers of the past 2 years. These articles have all been made free to access as a thank you to our authors and readers.


Long-term outcomes of His bundle pacing in patients with heart failure with left bundle branch block
Huang, Weijian; Su, Lan; Wu, Shengjie, et al.

Effects and costs of real-time cardiac telerehabilitation: randomised controlled non-inferiority trial
Maddison, Ralph; Rawstorn, Jonathan Charles; Stewart, Ralph A. H., et al.

Global prevalence of resistant hypertension: a meta-analysis of data from 3.2 million patients
Noubiap, Jean Jacques; Nansseu, Jobert Richie; Nyaga, Ulrich Flore, et al.

Right ventricle to pulmonary artery coupling in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Sultan, Ibrahim; Cardounel, Arturo; Abdelkarim, Islam, et al.

Heart or heart-lung transplantation for patients with congenital heart disease in England Dimopoulos, Konstantinos; Muthiah, Kavitha; Alonso-Gonzalez, Rafael, et al.

Reaching cardiovascular prevention guideline targets with a polypill-based approach: a meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials
Selak, Vanessa; Webster, Ruth; Stepien, Sandrine , et al. 10.1136/heartjnl-2018-313108

Medication reminder applications to improve adherence in coronary heart disease: a randomised clinical trial
Santo, Karla; Singleton, Anna; Rogers, Kris; Thiagalingam, Aravinda , et al.

Use of routinely captured echocardiographic data in the diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis
Bradley, Steven M.; Foag, Katie; Monteagudo, Khua; Rush, Pam , et al.

Sub-optimal cholesterol response to initiation of statins and future risk of cardiovascular disease
Akyea, Ralph Kwame; Kai, Joe; Qureshi, Nadeem , et al.

Making cardiac rehabilitation more available and affordable
Lavie, Carl J.; Kachur, Sergey; Milani, Richard V. 10.1136/heartjnl-2018-313762


Factors associated with coronary artery disease and stroke in adults with congenital heart disease
Bokma, Jouke P.; Zegstroo, Ineke; Kuijpers, Joey M, et al.

Drug treatment effects on outcomes in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zheng, Sean Lee; Chan, Fiona T,  , et al.

Outcome after percutaneous edge-to-edge mitral repair for functional and degenerative mitral regurgitation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Chiarito, Mauro; Pagnesi, Matteo; Martino, Enrico Antonio, et al.

Anthracycline cardiotoxicity: an update on mechanisms, monitoring and prevention
Henriksen, Peter A.

Stable coronary syndromes: pathophysiology, diagnostic advances and therapeutic need
Ford, Thomas J.; Corcoran, David; Berry, Colin

Machine learning in cardiovascular medicine: are we there yet?
Shameer, Khader; Johnson, Kipp W.; Glicksberg, Benjamin S.; Dudley, Joel T,  , et al.

Isolated tricuspid regurgitation: outcomes and therapeutic interventions
Fender, Erin A.; Zack, Chad J.; Nishimura, Rick A.

Reactive oxygen species signalling in the diabetic heart: emerging prospect for therapeutic targeting
Wilson, Adam J.; Gill, Eleanor K.; Abudalo, Rawan A.; Edgar, Kevin S , et al.

Emergency treatment of decompensated aortic stenosis
Bongiovanni, Dario; Kuehl, Constantin; Bleiziffer, Sabine; Stecher, Lynne, et al.