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GW24-e2293 Association Study of the GIRK4 Polymorphisms and Essential Hypertension in Obesity Uygur of Southern Xinjiang
  1. Yang Hai,
  2. Zhang De-Lian,
  3. Hu Yan-rong,
  4. Wang Hong-mei,
  5. Zhang Ju-hong,
  6. Yao Xiao-guang,
  7. Hong Jing,
  8. Zhou Ling,
  9. Li Nan-fang
  1. Research Center for Hypertension, People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Institute of Hypertension Research


Objectives To analyse the association between the G protein-coupled inwardly-rectifying potassium channels4 (GIRK4) gene and Essential hypertension in Uygur in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Methods A total of 1194 (male 461, female733) Uygur residents aged 30 to 70 and BMI over 18.5 kg/m2 were selected from Hetian area of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, all subjects received questionnaire, physical examination, biochemical analysis and blood pressure measurement. The subjects were divided into hypertensive group and normotensive group. Genotyping by the TaqMan polymerase chain reaction method was performed for four representative common single nucleotide polymorphisms ( rs4937391, rs2604204, rs6590357 and rs1122149) in Uygur population, a case -control study was conducted.

Results The genotype distribution of rs4937391, rs2604204, rs6590357 and rs1122149 SNPs in hypertensive group and normotensive group was in Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (HWEP > 0.05). The average systolic blood pressure of CC genotype of rs11221497 SNP [ (132.69 ± 26.9) mmHg)] was higher than the CG genotype’s [ (127.4 ± 22.7) mmHg] and GG genotype’s [(121.1 ± 26.3) mmHg]. There has a significantly difference of average systolic blood pressure and average diastolic blood pressure between CC genotype and GG genotype. (P < 0.05). A case-control association analysis revealed that the rs11221497 SNP was association with essential hypertension in the dominant model [P<0.05, OR = 0.67 (0.49—0.93)], Haplotype analysis showed that H6 (C-G-C-G) significantly higher in normotensive group than hypertensive group (P = 0.001). however the association not found in rs4937391, rs2604204 and rs6590357 SNPs ( P > 0. 05). LD is existed between the rs11221497 and three other SNPs (D′<0.001).

Conclusions GIRK4 rs11221497 SNP may be associated with essential hypertension in Xinjiang Uygur population.

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