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Ideal cardiovascular health duration and risk of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease
So Mi Jemma Cho, Justin Y Jeon, Tae-Hyun Yoo, Hae-Young Lee, Yong-ho Lee, Hyeon Chang Kim

10 March 2022

Antiplatelet therapy and outcome in COVID-19: the Health Outcome Predictive Evaluation Registry
Francesco Santoro, Ivan Javier Nuñez-Gil, Enrica Vitale, Maria C Viana-Llamas, Begoña Reche-Martinez, Rodolfo Romero-Pareja, Gisela Feltez Guzman, Inmaculada Fernandez Rozas, Aitor Uribarri, Víctor Manuel Becerra-Muñoz, Emilio Alfonso-Rodriguez, Marcos Garcia-Aguado, Jia Huang, María Elizabeth Ortega-Armas, Juan F Garcia PrietoSee the full list of authors

22 December 2021

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